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Our Free Services

Quick Handover

There are no time-consuming procedures. If you have entered your reservation details and paid in advance online, you will be able to pick up your car within about 5 minutes.
We will ensure a smooth departure without interfering with your travel schedule.

Visit our rental location and pick-up your car

  • 1
    Visit our rental office (delivery service available)

    The staff will pick you up at the airport.
    We also offer a car delivery and collection service at hotels, facilities in Tomigusuku and Naha airport area.

  • 2
    Explanation of your rental

    Our staff provide prompt and detailed explanation. It reduces the stress of the procedure.

  • 3
    Vehicle body check

    We save time with a speedy vehicle body check. It will guarantee a safe trip with careful inspection.

  • 4
    Hand over the car key at the parking lot.

    The car key is handed over at the parking lot. You can start your journey with a quick procedure.
    Your reserved car may be picked up in the yard (parking lot).

Returning your car

  • 1
    Park at our parking lot.

    Return the car to the parking lot.
    Please return the car at least 2 hours prior to your flight departure time.
    Return Parking Address: 2 doors south of Yone Shokudo, 337 Zayasu, Tomigusuku City, Okinawa

  • 2
    Vehicle body check

    We will check the vehicle body immediately. Leave your vehicle in a safe condition for a thorough inspection.

  • 3
    Fuel check

    Fuel level check. Please fill up the vehicle at a nearby gas station before returning it. Please present your receipt when returning the car.

  • 4
    Completion of return and drop off near the airport

    Upon return, we can drop you off near the airport for your departure. If you would like us to drop you off near the airport, please return your car at least 2 hours prior to your flight departure time.

Transfer to/from the Airport

We have a free transportation service between the airport and our office.
We also deliver and collect premium class vehicles for free at partner hotels.
Vehicle delivery service is also available. (Fee)
*If you contact us after arrival, we will guide you smoothly.
*Note that it may take longer than usual depending on traffic conditions. Please allow plenty of time for your visit.
*If you would like to apply for our pick-up service, please write your scheduled flight in the remarks field when you book the vehicle.

After arriving at the airport

Domestic flights
  • 1
    Exit B at arrival

    Exit from Arrival Gate B to Exit 3

  • 2
    Exit 3

    Go to the escalator on the left side of Exit 3

  • 3

    Take the escalator up to the 3rd floor and you will find Gates 5 and 6.

  • 4
    Gates 5 and 6

    Our staff will be waiting for you near Gates 5 and 6 (between domestic and international flights).

International flights
  • 1
    International Arrivals

    After arriving, go to the elevator.

  • 2

    Take the elevator up to the 3rd floor and you will find Gates 5 and 6.

  • 3
    Gates 5 and 6

    Our staff will be waiting for you near Gates 5 and 6 (between domestic and international flights).

Floor Map of the 3rd floor of Naha Airport

Floor Map of the 3rd floor of Naha Airport

If you go outside near exit 5 or 6, you will find the shuttle bus.

Free shuttle bus

Free shuttle bus

Premium Class

Premium Class vehicles are delivered and collected free of charge.
Premium Class offers new and current models of high-quality luxury cars at reasonable prices.*

*Please note that we may give priority to customers renting from 2 nights and 3 days during shoulder and high seasons. If you are unable to book the vehicle you selected, please contact us.

Partner hotel (free delivery and collection)

This web page is currently under construction. Please wait until it is completed.

These services are available for customers who can prove they are staying in a hotel or have already checked in.
We may confirm with the hotel that you are staying there.
Please contact us by e-mail in advance as we may not be able to deliver the vehicle depending on our reservation status or hotel parking availability.

*Please make a reservation with the same name for both the accommodation and the rental car.

Accompanying Pets

If you wish to bring your pet with you in our rental car, you must make a reservation in advance. Without an advance reservation, we may refuse to rent a vehicle to you.
Pets may not be allowed to ride in the car depending on the type of vehicle.

Pets allowed in the car

Small or medium-sized, healthy dogs that can fit in a crate.
Dogs must have been vaccinated with the vaccinations specified by laws and regulations that are still valid during the rental car usage period.

Pet policy

If you bring your pet with you in your rental vehicle, keep your pet in the luggage space or the rear floor of the vehicle.
Place the crate on the cover sheet which we will provide after the rental procedure. Please do not let your pet out of the crate inside the car.
*Bring your own crate.
*Pets must not be fed or watered in the rental vehicle. Also, dispose of excrement and other waste promptly and properly.
*Please do not leave your dog in the rental vehicle, regardless of the length of time.
*We are not responsible for any dog accident or disease. In addition, please note that pets are not covered by insurance, compensation, or the various compensation systems.

A pet-friendly car

Only the Toyota Alphard 3.5 can accommodate pets.

Rate and operating compensation

Pets travel free of charge. However, if the rental vehicle is found to have any significant odors, pet hair, stains, or damage after use, and we deem it necessary to clean or repair the vehicle in addition to the regular cleaning and maintenance, you will be charged 20,000 yen (tax non-inclusive) as part of the business compensation for the repair and cleaning period and the actual costs.
If the dog causes damage, other than those described above, to us or a third party, the customer that rented the vehicle shall indemnify all such damage.

*Assistance dogs (guide dogs, service dogs, etc.) are not subject to the above regulations. However, in that case, please be sure to present documents based on the “Act on Assistance Dogs for Physically Disabled Persons” and other related laws and regulations.

Clean Interior

Karī Rental Car always places a focus on cleanliness and thoroughly clean the interior of our vehicles. A clean interior is an important factor for a pleasant driving experiences. Regular cleaning and sanitizing provide a comfortable and safe environment.

Our cleaning process

  • 1

    We thoroughly disinfect to keep the interior of the vehicle hygienic. It minimizes the risk of infection and ensures a comfortable driving experience.

  • 2
    Cleaning the interior

    Thoroughly clean the interior of the vehicle. The interior of the vehicle is kept clean and comfortable, so you can enjoy a pleasant driving experience.

  • 3
    Cleaning the exterior

    Clean the exterior of the vehicle to make it shiny. Each vehicle will be ready to welcome you with a beautiful and shiny appearance.

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